Salfatna ( Our Story )

Not so long ago in the capital city of the UAE, Abu Dhabi a young Emarati named Shaikha Al Kaabi grew up with a passion for her counry’s cuisine, culture and traditions.

Flavors of the authentic Emarati food kept her curious about the different recipes and ingredients used to prepare them. She carried on embracing her childhood memories, which is why in 2011 she had an idea of opening the first Emarati restaurant as a way to expose more people to the unique flavors and culture of the UAE.

To create a contemporary setting she gathered various Emarati elements and modernized them. In June 2015 her dream came true, the restaurant was finally open for business.
She named the restaurant Meylas, which is a local expression that means majlis or a place that gathers people. The name reflects the idea of gathering family and friends in a warm and welcoming setting.


Every dish at Meylas follows a unique recipe that has been prepared by Emarati mothers and grandmothers. The ingredients used in those recipes are freshly picked from local sources in the UAE.

FOWALA (All Day)

Mohallaaed. 24
Traditional sweet flatbread, served with local honey and cheese.
Chbaabaed. 25
Traditional pancakes served with date syrup, local honey and cheese.
Khameeraed. 28
Traditional yeast Bread served with date syrup, local honey and cheese.
Traditional flatbread served with your choice of filling:
Cream Cheeseaed. 25
Eggaed. 26
Fish mashwayaed. 17
Balaleetaed. 35
Traditional sweetened vermicelli noodles infused with saffron and cardamom, and topped with a thin omelet.

SALATTAT & SHORBAT (Salads & Soups)

Salatat Malehaed. 30
Salt Cured Fish served with spiced onion.
Salatat Khodraaed. 25
Green Salad with a local lime dressing.
Salatat Jarjeer wa Chamiaed. 25
Local Arugula salad with Emarati curd cheese and a date syrup dressing
Shorbat Adasaed. 25
Traditional Lentil soup.
Shorbat Hareesaed. 30
Traditional harees soup

ALWEDAM (Main Course)

Vegetable stew served with Rgaag bread with a choice of:
Chickenaed. 55
Lambaed. 60
Machbos Diyayaed. 56
Spiced chicken with braised rice mixed with potatoes
Semach Mashwayaed. 62
Grilled fresh fish served with white rice and local ghee.
Hareesaed. 40
Savoury wheat pudding with beef served with local ghee
Tahta Rubyanaed. 75
Prawns cooked with traditional spices and rice.
Salonat Badu
Traditional Bedouin Stew made with local vegetables, served with white rice and your choice of:
Chickenaed. 52
Lambaed. 63
Arsiyaaed. 36
Savoury rice pudding with chicken, served with local ghee.
Diyay Mashwayaed. 60
Grilled chicken with white rice or rgaag

HELW (Dessert)

Khabeesaed. 28
Traditional sweet made from roasted flour and combined with caramelized sugar, cardamom and saffron.
Legeimataed. 25
Fried sweet dough served with date syrup.
Batheethaaed. 27
Crumbled local dates with cardamon and roasted wheat flour, served with local ghee.
Aseedaaed. 35
Traditional flour wheat with pumpkin served with local ghee
Farniaed. 25
Sweet rice and milk pudding served chilled.


Fendalaed. 20
Fried sweet potatoes
Bajelaaed. 15
Boiled broad beans with traditional spices
Nakheeaed. 15
Boiled chickpeas served with lemon
Rgaag Belibanaed. 27
Local fresh buttermilk poured over traditional crisp flatbread
Sheyataed. 25
Fresh local buttermilk poured over white rice and topped with a special mix of spices and caramelized onions
Chamiaed. 20
Freshly made emarati curd cheese with local ghee served with dates
Loomi pickled lime with traditional seasoningaed. 6
Hamba pickled green mango with traditional seasoningaed. 7
Tamer; pickled dates with traditiona seasoningaed. 7
Laban : Plain Yogurtaed. 7


Namletaed. 15
Traditional lemon or orange flavored soda.
Soft Drinksaed. 14
Coke, Diet Coke, 7up
Meylas Vimtoaed. 12
Laban Malehaed. 18
Salty yogurt blended with traditional spices.
Small bottled water: still/sparkling.aed. 8/10
Large bottled water: still/sparkling. aed. 16/18
Gahwa Emirateyaaed. 25
Served with dates.
Fresh Orange juice aed. 20
Lemon juice with Mint aed. 20

CHAI AOW HALEEB (Chai or Milk)

Chai Zaataraed. 18
Thyme Tea.
Chai Haleebaed. 18
Slowly steeped tea with milk and sugar.
Chai Anisaed. 18
Anis Tea
Chai suleimanyaed. 18
Classic black tea
Haleeb bel Zafaranaed. 22
Warm milk flavored with a hint of saffron.
Haleeb bel Zanjabelaed. 22
Warm milk flavored with fresh ginger.
Haleeb bel Zaataraed. 22
Warm milk with thyme.
Haleeb Bosh aed. 25
Warm camel milk flavored with honey.

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There Is No Sincerer
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Traditional Food.

Share the recipe of your favorite childhood Emarati dish or recipe of any Emarati dish you enjoy and get the chance of making it a part of the Meylas cookbook.



Food for the body
is not enough.
There must be food
for the soul.




Food for the body
is not enough.
There must be food
for the soul.


Meylas Truck

A food truck by Meylas was also launched to serve fresh Emarati food ….

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